Delivering on Our Promise

Propane at the Right Time and at the Right Price

R.E. Powell & SeaPort has been recognized as one of the fastest growing and most reliable propane suppliers in the Northwest. We have built a solid reputation for providing businesses and individuals around the Pacific Northwest with top quality fuel, lubricant and propane products at the best price.

The success of our commercial and agricultural customers depends on R.E. Powell & SeaPort’s commitment to delivering at the most critical times. We meet our customers’ needs every day by providing:

  • Risk Management through daily price analysis
  • Professionally trained delivery drivers and account managers
  • Equipment programs for sale, lease, and loan
  • Educational workshops
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Weekly market email updates

Accountability is Our Business

Doing what we say we are going to do is one of our core guiding principles at R.E. Powell & SeaPort. It dates back to the first half of the 20th century when our founder Ray E. Powell knew firsthand that the fuel he delivered to farmers, businesses, and households was critical to daily life.

Some things never change. Today, we are just as aware that our customers depend on us to keep their crops and their families warm.

Creating Value for Our Northwest Neighbors

R.E. Powell & SeaPort’s industry partnerships, supplier relationships, and proprietary trucking fleets enable us to consistently provide affordable propane. We strategically time propane purchases to capitalize on market fluctuations and obtain the best pricing for our customers.

Centrally located, R.E. Powell & SeaPort has supply contracts with the most competitive supply points available. This advantage also affords us access to the best supply in the Northwest.

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