Fuel doesn’t just power equipment.
It powers business.

Fuel Products

  • Retail & Bulk Fuels
  • Alternative Fuels / Biofuels
  • On- and Off-road Diesel
  • Racing Fuels
  • Heating Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Fuel Additives

Delivering the right product at the right time and price helps our clients run an efficient business. At R.E. Powell & SeaPort, we believe in providing a range of gasoline and diesel fuels as well as the market insight and value added services to help you drive profit and avoid surprises. Fuel is typically the second highest cost of doing business for companies operating a fleet of vehicles. When left unmonitored, fuel is very susceptible to theft, misuse and waste. R.E. Powell & SeaPort offers fleets technology and valuable information that provide fleet owners not only with peace of mind, but increased profitability.

Cardlock Fueling


R.E. Powell & SeaPort’s cardlock fueling division – AmeriFuel – has teamed up with the industry’s leading fleet fueling programs to provide maximum coverage and cardlock options.

Mobile Fleet Fueling

Understanding the “total cost of fuel” has helped many of our fleets understand the value of mobile fleet fueling (wet-hosing). Industry data shows the total down-time for a truck while getting fuel is 30 minutes each day it fuels. That is 30 minutes of lost labor and additional wages that are added to your overall expenses. Our experience as the owner-operator of a large vehicle fleet, combined with state-of-the-art fuel management technology, gives R.E. Powell & SeaPort unique perspective and power when it comes to helping fleet managers protect profit margins in the face of rising fees and expenses.

Bulk Fuel

The best safeguard against fuel price increases is bulk storage. Due to regulations, prohibitive costs, and other factors many businesses do not have the luxury of storage. Whether your storage is 5,000 gallons or 500,000 gallons R.E. Powell & SeaPort’s Price Risk and Marketing Manager can help you develop an ideal strategy for your business. Our Price Risk and Marketing Manager will work with you individually to develop a plan that is catered to your business objectives and budget.

Reach Your Fuel Potential

We provide the knowledge, strategy and support to help our customers continuously improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations in three key areas:


  • Identify business objectives
  • Evaluate annual fuel requirements
  • Review short and longer term financial and operational objectives
  • Identify market and business risk


  • Market-Based Inventory Management (MBIM)
  • Market price analysis and timing
  • Daily Fuel Market Update
  • Educational seminars
  • Priority Call Service


  • Industry-leading logistics support
  • State-of-the art technology
  • World class customer service
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Increased profitability
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